Toward A More Perfect Union

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Toward A More Perfect Union: From Scarcity To Abundance For All

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In the preamble of the Constitution of the United States it says, “We the People, in order to form a more perfect union.” This is the ideal, and something we all desire, to live in a more perfect union. But somewhere, somehow, we have gotten far off-track.

COVID-19 exposed the flaws in the system, but the reality is that the flaws have been there for a long time: an economic system based on greed, lust, avarice, and psychopathy, one that rewards bad behavior, bad ethics, and twisted ideologies, and can shower perpetrators with untold billions or trillions of dollars, lies at the root.

But there is a way forward to a more positive future. Toward a More Perfect Union: From Scarcity to Abundance For All shows this path. It’s a political, economic, psychological, and spiritual exploration of where we are as a society and world, the defects in the system, and how we can create a more positive future, one that’s just, compassionate, sustainable, regenerative, and wise.

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